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In early January, I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot a fantastic wedding with the fabulous Shannon Cunningham.

The ceremony took place at St. Louis Cathedral up north on Burnet Rd. As this was just after New Year’s, the Christmas decorations were still up and made for a beautiful setting.

Be forewarned, this post has TONS of pictures. I really couldn’t help myself.

It takes a lot of ladies to get a bride into her dress.

I <3 the following picture.

Bridesmaids get to have fun too!

After the ceremony, we headed out to the University of Texas campus for a quick portrait session.

Then came the party…

The reception was at the Hyatt hotel, overlooking Town Lake.

The view was AWESOME.

The cake was STUNNING. And Delicious.

The dancing was out of control!

The following is my fave from the night.

This was, by far, one of my most favorite weddings to date. The wedding party was awesome and SO EXPRESSIVE, and all of the details fantastic too! I’ve never seen a bride + groom have so much fun and dance so much at their receptions. Engaged couples take note – You’re allowed to enjoy your reception! Sure, you’ve got to make time to schmooze and thank your guests, but be sure to dance and HAVE FUN!

To see the slideshow with more pictures from Kayla + Blake’s wedding, click HERE

Meet Malia.

Malia is a dear friend of mine, dating back to college. We met through mutual friends and our friendship took off due to lots of mutual interests – art, food and yoga to name just a few. Over the years, what started as a hobby and a good workout became Malia’s life and now she’s a certified yoga instructor.

I recently had Malia over to catch up, and took advantage of the opportunity to also snap some shots.

Learn more about Malia and follow her blog!

An old and dear friend of mine, Malia lives right down the street, yet with our respective crazy schedules it’s been hard to find the time to hang out and catch up. A few weeks ago, I had her and Bubbles over for a gab fest, picture session, doggie playdate and lunch.

First up are some pictures of Bubbles, and soon I’ll post some awesome yoga pictures I took of Malia.

So I might have a little issue when it comes to babies…

These tiny things are my faaayyy-vorite thing to shoot, and it’s always hard for me to narrow down the favorites :)

My friends, Graham and Kristi, welcomed baby Nash into the world just before Christmas!  I had the pleasure of meeting the little dude when he was just barely two weeks old and it was amazing to see how expressive he is already!




His mommy already taught him to cover his mouth when he sneezes! :)

Little baby parts and wrinkles just make me melt.

I absolutely LOVE the next two.

Can you believe he’s only TWO WEEKS OLD?? Look at his teensy hand!

I love their old cat, Animal.  Nash seems smitten too.

I’m looking forward to seeing this little dude grow up!