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Bella is the beautiful daughter of my best friend from highschool. We’d been planning for this mini reunion for months and after a little planning it all came together and I made a trip to the Houston area for a weekend visit.

The last time I saw Bella she was a tiny little baby in a car seat and its amazing to see how she’s blossomed into a gorgeous little girl. I should add that this one has some spunk and sass which are my two favorite characteristics in the kiddos. The picture below just stuns me. I can’t belive this little one is only 4 years old.

As much as I enjoy shooting weddings, kids take the cake as my favorite. I love seeing the world from their eyes and gaining a new perspective. It’s amazing as adults, how much we see in just black and white  and forget about the pinks, rainbows and sparkles.

A very special blog post for a very special couple.

Carly and Matt were referred to me by a dear friend, Mean Rachel. You might remember their lovely faces from their engagement portrait session. Well, their wedding was a few weeks ago, and was absolutely lovely. Family and friends from all over the country traveled to Austin for their special day. The event took place at House on the Hill which is great in that you can rent it for a week/weekend and it includes accommodations too!

Huge, HUGE thanks to Nadia Caffesse who came along as my second shooter for the day.

I had so many favorites that I’m splitting their sneak preview into two parts. I know they’re eager to see some pictures, so I won’t waste any time with much chit chat.

Carly’s friend did the up-do’s for all the girls. She did a spectacular job, especially on Carly’s hair which was amazing

While the girls were busy getting ready, the guys were also hanging out -

Matt has magical powers.

Major props to Nadia who caught the shot below.

Next up: their ROCKIN’ reception…

New York City

June 7, 2009

At the end of April, my husband and I took a trip to the east coast visiting family and friends in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City. I’m blogging the trip backwards, beginning with our escapades in NYC. While I’ve been there several times before, this was my first trip with the husband and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I try to visit new places on each trip and the focus this time was on the food (which I (of course) took no pictures of). The weather was quite dark and dreary for most of the trip, but that didn’t stop us at all!

While I’ve been to Central Park on many occasions, this was the first time I saw (and RODE!!) the carousel and Strawberry Fields (the tribute to the late John Lennon)

Inside the brick building is the Central Park Carousel – we were told it’s the fastest carousel in the world (unconfirmed). I could have ridden it all day, it was so much fun!

Views from the park –

The requisite ‘Imagine’ shot at Strawberry Fields –

EVERYTHING in the park was in bloom on our trip.

This one’s for Francis (who wanted to see some street photography)-

On the way back to our hotel in Times Square, we strolled down 5th Avenue where I could easily spend my life’s savings in four minutes.

This is what Heaven looks like for a geek like me –

FAO Schwarz -

30 Rock –

That night, we had REAL Chinese food in Chinatown! One of the best meals of my trip, hands down. I highly recommend Joe’s Shanghai if you find yourself in the area. As previously mentioned, I didn’t take any pictures of the food.

On our last day of the trip, we hung out with my old roommate, Chad. This is Chad who is totally not thinking about killing me for posting this picture on the internet –

Chad took us down to the pier where we had a great-ish view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Each trip I say I’m going to visit both and I have yet to visit either –

There was also a spectacular view of Hoboken, in case you’ve ever wanted to see Hoboken but not have to actually cross the river –

Chad’s not going to hurt me for posting either of these pictures either –

Then, we walked over to Washington Square Park for more sightseeing –

After walking for what felt like 5,698 miles, we ended our day (and trip) with the best pizza I’ve EVER had in my life at Lombardi’s – yeah, no pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me. Get there early and you won’t have to wait in line. The next morning, we woke up super early and flew home!