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Oh how I love this girl!

FINALLY! I know, I know! I’m way WAY behind on blogging… If only you guys really knew…

Anyway, at long last here’s the rest of Carly + Matt’s wedding.

Let’s see, where did we leave off? Oh yeah – so Carly and Matt got hitched. After the lovely reception, we squeezed in some portraits:

The guys all wore matching Chuck’s which I loooove. At my own wedding we got all the guys Vans sneakers as their gift and they were a big hit – the gift that keeps on giving! Even boys appreciate nice shoes. : )

Then it was party time!!!

This wedding was unlike any I had previously attended. Matt plays guitar with a funk band, Uncle Bruno, and they performed at the reception -

Then… Carly joined Matt up on stage and they sang a duet together which was so, SO sweet.

That’s Mean Rachel in the photo above, holding the lyrics for Matt – many thanks again to her for referring me : )

Just when I thought the wedding couldn’t get any cooler, the party turned into an open mic night! There was so much talent between all of their friends and Carly’s family. It was really, truly, awesome.

That’s Carly’s dad playing Harmonica above. Yes, he’s a true harmonica-ist (is there a term for this? Harpist?). In fact, he has one in every key. I had no idea that there were different Harmonicas for different keys. I’m sure there’s a lot about Harmonica’s that I don’t know. One fun fact that I am aware of though – did you know that Abraham Lincoln used to carry around a harmonica in his pocket?

Thank you Carly + Matt for having me at your wedding to capture all of the moments on your special day! It was such a memorable wedding and I truly had a blast!

I leave you all with some fun ring shots. I’m in LOVE with Carly’s ring set.

Thanks again to Nadia Caffesse of Full Tilt Photography for coming out to be my second shooter!