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I recently had the fortune of shooting this beautiful couple who are expecting their first baby in just a few short weeks! They’ve nicknamed her Vuvuzela, thus the title of the post :) I love hearing what people call their babies pre-birth, and this nickname was my favorite so far! We had our session on the first really cold morning of the year and they were champs! We couldn’t have asked for better light or locations, and I’m so happy with the results! Here’s just a little sneak peek of our shoot together -

Remember this little Wee? We took these pictures below right at 10 months, and she’s about to be a whole year old at Christmas! I can’t believe how time has flown by and how much she’s grown and changed over the last months! I hope her parents like their pictures :)

And yes – her eyes really are this blue…

And since our session was on Halloween morning, of course we had to snap some with her in her Monkey costume!

I know a mama who’s been waiting very patiently for her sneak peek…As her reward, she gets a super long blog post :) I’ll just cut to the chase and skip the small talk. This family is just adorable, and this and their love for each other is pretty clear from the pictures.