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So everyone’s heard of the “Terrible Two’s,” right? It should come without thinking that photo sessions with toddlers can be…well…challenging. I love them though, and come prepared with an arsenal of tricks and treats that guarantee some awesome shots. THAT SAID…I’m always pleasantly surprised when I’m proven wrong and that’s how this session went. Little Miss Madeline was a ROCK STAR, and rocked the session as is obvious by the pictures below. The whole time I was editing these, I was smiling and giggled – this kid is SO expressive.

I posted this on my Facebook page, but have to share it again. The picture below was the very first picture that I shot at our session. When I saw it in the tiny little screen on the back of my camera, I knew that we’d be having a fun session!!

I normally share more black and whites, but the colors and light from our shoot were all just so awesome. This is the only b+w that I’m posting today.

We ended our session with a slice of pizza at Home Slice! Anyone with a toddler knows that it’s a total gamble if their kid will eat (anything). One day they love something, the next they HATE it. There was a bit of concern if Little Miss would eat, but I think it’s safe to say that pizza is one of her new favorites.