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I had this post planned for tomorrow, but today is this sweet girl’s father’s birthday, so I can’t help but share.

Last week I had a chance to capture Caroline at home with her parents. What an adorable little girl! She was so calm and content for our session, I loved our time together.

Gosh I love this girl. Some of my most favorite pictures that I’ve ever taken was from her newborn session – She’ll always be known as the “Sombrero Baby” amongst my friends. Well the Sombrero is back. And seriously? Avital is cuter than ever. I really love taking pictures of two year olds, they have SO MUCH moxie and character.

Oh Simon.

Putting this blog post together is making me ridiculously happy. I’m so excited to finally share these – Simon’s Mama is an old friend of mine, and a dedicated fan of my blog ;) I know she’s been checking every day since our session, so I’m not going to waste much time with words.

I’ve been waiting for this session for what feels like FOREVER, yet this little dude made his appearance into the world REALLY early! Seven weeks, I think? Definitely the smallest guy I’ve ever held at only FIVE POUNDS (!!!) but SO super sweet and what a strong little guy!

Enjoy your sneak peek Mama!